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I need some tips

Hi guys, since im focusing on Scoiatael realm i want some tips in wich cards i shall craft first for each type, both from scoiatel or NEUTRAL that can complement the deck.

Atm i got the following golds:
-Xavier Moran
-Sheldon Skags

I would like to ask you pro players from scoiatel, wich next gold cards i shall CRAFT to build a deck, also, im using Brouver as leader.

For Silver cards, bronze cards, artifacts and spells what are your recommendations?

I will appreciate any help you guys can give me and put them in practice
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Depends what you can spend on crafting and what type of build you're looking to run.

Cards like Call of the Forest, Ciaran, Milva and Ida can work in most ST builds.

Cards like Aelrinn, Isengrim and Yaevinn are more related to elf centered builds.

Aelrinn is particularly good with CoF because with 5 elves on the board she will be re-pulled to it from playing CoF. This effectively makes CoF a +3 boost Royal Decree for 9 provisions. Bear in mind people love murdering elves. So it can be difficult to pull this off without running Neophytes and potentially Vanguards. The latter works more with an elf centered build.

Schirru is an obvious option for control based builds. Keep in mind he's not as easy to use well in Brouver compared to, say, Eithne. Eithne isn't a very good leader anymore, IMO. Line-ups can be gained via CoF (5's and odd increments with Brouver), Ithlinne (6's and even increments with Brouver), and Brouver himself (2's and even increments). You can get more line-up potential here via damage units, or elf engines. He works pretty well with the two mentioned cards in Brouver because you have 3 methods to buff him. The other option would be boost artifacts, which I wouldn't recommend for a variety of reasons.

Iorveth, Mahakam Horn and Pitfall are clear options for trap based concepts. Those are not beginner friendly because trap decks rely upon playing the right trap at the perfect moment.

Aglais and most of the gold Dwarves pair better in buff centered builds and/or Dwarf builds.

Neutrals would be a longer discussion :).

I'd start with the more general purpose golds because they can work in virtually any build. You can probably skip over Ciaran for now since you have Morenn. Ciaran is the better card, particularly in Brouver, IMO but Morenn is serviceable. From there I'd decide which type of build you want to run. Once you figure that out go for the applicable cards.