Hello goodnight.

I've been having a problem with the game's achievements on the Epic Games Store for a long time.
Somehow many of them were unlocked with the released patch corrections.
However, there is one that I have completed the requirements countless times and it doesn't unlock in any way, so it is the only achievement left to complete all of the entire game (including the DLC).

The achievement in question is called "Easy Come, Easy Go" and the requirement for it is to deliver 10 vehicles to El Captain or steal and deliver Arasaka's medical truck in the "Baby Let Me Take You" mission. However, I've done the mission countless times, I've done about 50 vehicle deliveries, today I did 10 in a row to see if that would unlock it and: Nothing.

This achievement had 0% Completion Rate, however after an update on Epic Games (where all achievements had disappeared from the game page and reappeared later), it has 0.1% Completion Rate. In other words, it is very likely that some people managed to unlock this achievement in some way.

I'm adding some printscreen's, where it shows 10 save's right before delivering all 10 vehicles (which I delivered today in sequence) and also 2 print's showing a save right before delivering the Arasaka medical truck and another showing the mission complete notification (after delivering the truck).

As an achievement hunter, I get totally frustrated with this kind of situation. I've tried several solutions and nothing worked. Including the ones that CDPR indicate on the achievements support page.

There's anyone that is struggling with this too or, for God sake, have a solution for this?

Att. Andre




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Got this!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to reload a old save before starting the "Baby Let Me Take You" quest and re-did the entire quest.
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