Bugged achievement 'The Jungle'

Hi guys,

I love this game so much, that I want to Platinum it (I somehow need it to let it go ;) ). But one achievement is still missing... The Jungle. I completed all the gigs and hustles, also the one at the "for sale yard" and the two gigs from Rogue. Everything is cleared, all shards read. My V is maxed out. But still the achievement does not pop up.

I also tried an older save game (before finishing Phantom Liberty), cleared everything in Santo Domingo...still nothing.

I assume I need to replay it with a way older save game...but how old should it be. I do have a "really old" save game with Street Cred 29 and 30h of gameplay. But is this enough? I need to level V to Street Cred 30 and finish all the gigs and hustles again...this takes quite some time and I do not want to waste it. (The fun of replaying the gigs the 4th or 5th time is not that much)

Better start with a new game and skip to Phantom Liberty? But then I am even down to Street Cred 20...so it is gonna take even longer

What do you think?
Thank you for answer 🙂
Apparently this is what I already tried but with no success.
I also opened a ticket at CDPR but didn’t received any different answer.

My concern is, will the achievement unlock if I try a really old one? Using an old save game and level from 29 to 50 is going to take a lot of time 😕
Achieved it! I started a new game for PL at level 20. Clearing all hustles and scanners brought me to street level of about 40 after half an hour of leveling in the parc near Embers I reached level 50 to clear the last hustles.
After roughly 8h I got The Jungle achievement
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