Melee - Missing Features

I think some of the changes to melee weapons have been good but it's still missing two fundamental features:

1. Target lock-on - This should exist in general whether using melee or ranged but it's especially necessary for melee. Zooming around the area with dash is fun until you dash right past your target in the middle of combat. I suspect that's why they added the skill to leap towards a target when you do a heavy attack with blades but that still requires you to hold the attack for heavy so you are basically just standing there for a bit when you could just lock on to your target and dodge at will, attacking when the opportunity arises. The current system makes melee very awkward.

2. weapon/tool wheel. This has been discussed before but it's such a problem that it warrants raising again. Players need to be able to edit what items are on the wheel. This shouldn't be a difficult thing to do, there are mods that add cyberarms to it so surely the devs can allow us to just add or remove from it. When doing melee and switching between weapons you end up switching to your fists, I imagine the same thing happens with gunplay as well. This needs to be fixed, it ruins the flow of gameplay.
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