Patch 2.01 Bad Raytracing Perofrmance (Latency Issue)

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-> Problem solved, see my second post.

I wanted to launch the game after quite a while with all the latest patches installed (v2.01) and it appears that in the current state of the game, my raytracing performance has become quite bad.
However, it's not the frames per second, neither the frametime specifically, but it appears that there is some sort of a very bad latency issue involved in this.
For example I can run the game with over 70fps (mostly 75-85fps) Raytracing enabled and everything on max settings (DLSS disabled) and with so much fps normally the game would run smooth, but it isn't smooth at all, there is clearly stutters to register (very bad stutters though), but there are no frame drops, frames per second are very high even though it stutters. So I assume this must be some kind of a latency problem, similar to when you enable VSync with tripple buffering, but it's much worse than that.

Now look at this:
When I disable raytracing, the game runs butter-smooth without any troubles (90-120fps). I tried various settings, also enabling DLSS, SMT on/off nothing seems to affect this issue except for enabling raytracing.
I don't use DLSS and the only raytracing feature I activate is RT reflections and RT shadows, lighting is set to off. I did not use any of the new RT features like Path Tracing.
I've no mods installed. Tried with Cyber Engine Tweaks and without, no change in RT behavior.
Tried repairing game files, no changes either.

However, other games where raytracing is enabled, such as Metro Exodus, work fine, no issuse there. Also before Patch 2.0 I had no problems either. So I suspect this might be a game engine related problem?
Can anyone confirm the same behavior? Found any workaround to this besides disabling RT?

As for my settings, VSync and GSync both disabled.
Running with 1440p@144Hz and a fps limit on 120fps.

My rig should be capable to run the game on those settings just fine:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X
GPU: Inno3D RTX 4090 iChill Black
SSD: Samsung 980 Pro
RAM: 64GB DDR4 (4x16GB) G.Skill with Samsung B-Die memory chips and XMP enabled
OS: Windows 10 on latest version as well as Nvidia drivers updated to v537.58 with a DDU cleanup

Checked other topics but I couldn't find similar reports, so I created this thread instead.
I wonder if I am the only one with this problem, so information/help would be appreciated.

Edit: I am trying to roll back to Patch v2.0 to see if this issue persists on an older build.
May take a while because it requires to re-download around 55GB of files...

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Ok, so I have an update to this kind of a bad situation.

I rolled back to patch v2.0 and the problem was still there. Enabling RT causes the game to perform quite badly despite the frames per second being beyond 60.

Then I did another roll back, back to v1.63 (had to re-download again, this time 60GB of files, duh) and the problem with RT was gone.
So it appears to have something to do with the latest patch and I am not sure what's causing it, because it only affects raytracing.

To be sure that it's not caused by my old save file, I even started a new save but the problem was still there with patch 2.0 and beyond.

Some dude on a video recommended to uninstall and reinstall the game. I am pretty sure that this won't change anything, but I will try that next (since I have to download 75GB of files to patch it back to v2.01, might as well just re-install the whole game).

It wold be very interesting if anyone here with an RTX 4090 can confirm the same problem. I am certain that this is probably not due to my setup, but there might be an incompatibility with software, or my OS perhaps, not sure.
At least it would give me a clue if it's worth troubleshooting. If I am not alone with this issue, then this is most certainly a problem from the game and troubleshooting it will probably be in vain.
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So I managed to fix that issue. Something was messed up with one of my settings files, I cannot say which one it was (perhaps from an old mod or so).
I removed all save files and settings files before reinstalling the game entirely and the problem was gone.

For those who may experience the same troubles, this is what I've done:

Remove all files in these locations:
  • The entire left-over game installation directory, after uninstalling it (and before reinstalling it of course)
    • Some folders and files (also some settings files) were left in the install directory after uninstalling, I deleted everything. The culprit was probably here.
    • I had to restart my machine to get rid of the entire folder, because the redmod folder was being blocked from a process (it was empty though).
  • everything here "C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077"
    • These are the game saves location, you may want to backup that folder before deleting it
  • everything here "C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077"
    • Some settings files and caches are located here too, I didn't bother to backup it because I reset all my settings from the ground up after a clean install
And that's pretty much it. Afterwards just install the game through GOG Galaxy or whatever and set your settings after first launch.

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