[PC / GOG] Crash when changing graphical settings (Upscaling settings)

GOG / PC / V 2.1
CPU: i9-11900 kf
GPU: RX6800XT (16GB) (Driver 23.11.1 + 23.12.1)
RAM: 32 GB
Win 11 Home 64 Bit / 23H2
Game on SSD (1 TB / over 70 % free SSD space)
Windows drivers up to date

Played last over year ago.

My return is sadly connected with problems.

Noticed when I try to change the graphical settings for Upscaling (FSR) the game crashes with the moment I click accept.

Also when I change the quality presets the game crashes immediatelly.

Is there a fix ? Or must this patched by CDPR.

Found some user reports with game version 1.6 and later with same experience I have. Issue with crash by changing Upscaling settings happen only in CP 2077.

Yes, have 2 mods for appearance and kusanagi fix, but happen also with vanilla game.
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