Perma-saving bug not letting me play the game

I'm on New gen Xbox

Every time I finish my first mission/gig after loading in, the auto save soft locks me to wherever I am, a saving icon is permanently at the top of my screen

When i exit to menu I can't load back in so the only way to fix is to quit the game completely and hope it doesn't happen 2 times In a row (has happened several times)

I can't just turn off autosave because if I quick save it happens anyway
You can try few things ;)

- If you linked your GOG account to get the rewards, disable "cross-platform saves" in the game settings (enabled by default when linking a GOG account)
Settings → Gameplay → cross-platform Saves.

- Clear the cache.
Unplugging method, works on any Xbox:
1. Power down your Xbox using the Xbox controller or the Power Off button on your Xbox
2. Unplug the power cable from the back of your Xbox
3. Wait at least two minutes
4. Plug the cable back into your Xbox
5. Turn your Xbox back on
Software method, works only on Xbox Series X:
1. Press the glowing Xbox button on your controller
2. Scroll right to Profile & system
3. Select Settings with the A button
4. Select Devices & Connections > Blu-ray > Persistent Storage
5. Select Clear Persistent Storage

- Check if your Xbox OS in up to date.
Settings → System → Updates

- And maybe delete all your local saves (it won't remove the your saves on the cloud, so your saves for all of your games will be downloaded again when launching it).
On your library (or homescreen), on Cyberpunk > start button > manage game and addons > registered datas > Delete all
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