Phantom Liberty DLC Rewards Not Given

I pre-ordered the DLC for Xbox Series X so I could be eligible for the rewards. Unsurprisingly, once I logged in to the game, I didn't receive a text regarding the free Quadra Sport R-7 'Vigilante". Not only that, but I didn't receive other rewards from the stash in V's apartment. Even though I linked my GOG account and the game said I received the 6 rewards from the main menu, when I checked my stash only 2 t-shirts were there. I didn't receive the jackets and I didn't receive the sword. I still haven't had an update on when other game-breaking patches will be dealt with too. If someone does know when everyone will get their rewards from a patch I'd appreciate it if you'd share.

I'd just like to say, that I think it's blasphemous the devs boast about how hard they worked on Phantom Liberty knowing major bugs still exist, from not receiving rewards, to the infinite relic glitch. CDPR just gives me another reason to respect companies such as Rockstar Games because greedy as they can be, they can deliver a good game without having devs bragging and gloating about their work.

In the end, all I want now are the rewards I was supposed to receive from pre-ordering so I can complete the story and be done with this game.
Yeah, I haven't noticed the Witcher sword, so I probably didn't get everything, but I just don't care that much. Most of the reward weapons are only decent in the very beginning and trash later or they're just simply cosmetic.
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