Mission rewards on character progress

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for Phantom Liberty I'm replaying the whole storyline. I don't remember how it was on the first try, but it feels like mission rewards are all over the place.

Base game hack points give a few 100 bucks.
Phantom liberty hacking points, even in early level, give 1-4k on full completion

It feels like the compensation for mission rewards is totally off. Base game missions tend so give out a low amount of money. Some, especially car fixer missions put out rediculous amounts even for fast repetitive tasks which feels odd and unbalanced.

What made me type is:

You need to get an old piece of hardware. A relic. You should pay 37k but can haggle it down to 9k. In old threads it says back then it was 7,3k. The mission reward though is the same. 16k when you press him for a bonus or 14k without. I mean wtf? Shouldn't I get 37k + pay? No matter how good I was in the deal which I had acces to via corp + 20 netrunner.

What are your thoughts or even better do you have a logic explanation why some rewrds feel like they scale with level, some like they were just oddly adapted on patches and some don't scale at all?

I believe they forgot to touch rewards in some cases.
I did Spellbound as Dumb Brute Corp.
Paid 10k to buy, got 11.2k back.

Nix said he'll double the pay but game scammed me.
The issue with Spellboud specifically and this pops up pretty heavily in a few other missions as well, Is the new Level Scaling mechanic.

The price it costs to buy the book, rises the same way skill checks for doors/actions/dialogue options do. SO the higher the level you are when you start the mission the higher the buy price is. Where the problem comes in is that the rewards are a set price. and the set prices seem to be based on the old game. So basically, there was an oversight, where they didn't adjust the rewards to scale with the mission. It is now possible to lose money on this mission and let's say you're level 60 when you get around to it, you lose money, get no XP and most likely have maxed Street Cred, so it actually costs to do this with no reward, other than completing a mission for nix and clearing it from your list.

It's something I hope they realize and fix before support officially ends and the entire team moves on to Orion.
Thanks for the explanation. Sounds reasonable.

I even like the idea to purposely loose money on a contract with lack of skill or knowledge when I buy tech as a non techie. But not as a 20 net 20 tech pro completely focused on phantom liberty and now returning to original story line.

I totally get how hard it is so make up a story to press into an existing one and it's even harder when you can mix it in at any times and you feel that quite heavily sometimes.

especially in dialogs when hansen is dead and they talk about info they just got from hansen just for example. It's even that the quality of dialogue and guided emotions are so strong in the dlc that going back to beginner level basic story may seem a little dull. I mean that skyfall of lizzy/grimes - phew! totally got me in the feels! Or that last stretch of fights and dialog of bringing her to the shuttle...
And just on the skill level...I'm not even into infight but I got the gorilla hands and just did beat on the brat. Which was incredibly hard on my first street kid silent build. Now it was. block, hit block hit. endboss dead. No single reload. ^^
I also started a new save to play Phantom Liberty, and I remember that when I finished the game at the time it was released it was much more difficult to save money. Now the game's economy seems very out of place. For example, you finish a super complex contract and even with the bonus your reward is 18k. Then you go to a vendor and sell 3 random weapons that an enemy dropped and you will have the same 18k, or even more. The value of some things also seems to make no sense for the amount of money we can now accumulate quickly, especially when they involve dialogues with the option to pay for something. Like when Rogue asks for 15k. The firs time I played cyberpunk it took me a while to save up that money, now all you have to do is sell some random weapons and you'll pay the 15k as if it were nothing. To give you an idea, my current save is 70 hours long, I'm still in act 2 because I only focused on secondary missions and I already have more than 2 million. I didn't make any kind of bug or glitch, I just played and sold weapons and hacks. While in my original save from when I finished the game when it launched I have 140 hours and even doing almost everything the base game could offer I was unable to accumulate even half the amount of money I have in the 70 hour save. The $500 junk, or the mission where you find the painting that came from space that costs 4k, doesn't even make sense to exist in the current game, since now you sell a gray weapon and earn 2k or more. Now that I'm at lvl 40, there are drops of legendary supreme hacks that can be sold for 28k. This crazy economy isn't something super serious, but it's something that really breaks the immersion since it's all so easy. It even seems like people made some money glitch because it's much easier to save money in the game.
I agree. Also by just playing until phantom liberty is available and then only playing the DLC im further in level, money, skills than I ever was in the base game. something like food with attributes and selling junk is totally worthless which I find sad. But also you get so spammed with items.

I once wish for a game that doesn't invite you to progress better for collecting everything and sell it so you just leave the stuff and won't check every corner. #fomo

The only progress that's left for all the base game is a few items on 5+/++ with 200 gold upgrades each and a hand full of skills. Cyberdeck and main smg already are 5++. got all flats. most cars I want to have.
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