Phantom Liberty: Points of Interest Map (In Progress)

Hey all!

So, to enjoy Phantom Liberty and satiate my completionist needs, I marked up a map (which I got from here: with various unmarked points of interest so I wouldn't miss anything. And, since I'd like to share this to help others in getting the most out of Phantom Liberty as well as get input on any other points of interest I may have missed, I'm posting my map here!

The numbers correspond to the following:
1. Dataterm 1
2. Dataterm 2
3. Dataterm 3
4. Dataterm 4
5. Dataterm 5
6. Dataterm 6
7. Dataterm 7
8. Dataterm 8
9. Dataterm 9
10. Airdrop w/ Laika
11. Airdrop w/ Borzaya (only after Lucretia My Reflection)
12. Airdrop w/ Taigan
13. Airdrop w/ Alabai
14. Increased Criminal Activity w/ Raiju
15. Increased Criminal Activity w/ Agaou
16. Increased Criminal Activity w/ Sparky
17. Hidden Gem- Dorothy Allred and Jason Foreman
18. Umbra x-MOD2 (between 4:00 and 5:00am)
19. Pozhar x-MOD2 (clumb up orange crane, opens after 1:00am)
20. Baseball Bat x-MOD2
21. Kyubi x-MOD2 (underwater)
22. Kappa x-MOD2 (after Gig: Spy in the Jungle)
23. Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2
24. Guillotine x-MOD2
25. Hidden Gem- Wesley Hunt and Imani Leslie
26. Hidden Gem- Crimsonrider and Lucas Diaz
27. Hidden Gem- David Dover
28. Phant Party 1
29. Phant Party 2 w/ Gary Bates
30. Phant Party 3
31. Hidden Gem- Maggie Isley
32. Hidden Gem- Micah Klein
33. Hidden Gem- Herbert Beauvais and Jean-Claude Rouzier
34. Hidden Gem- Johnny Fanfiction and Tons o' Shards
35. Hidden Gem- Crashed Militech Valgus
36. Space Force One Lifepod and Shard
37. Hidden Gem- Cody Crosby
38. Hidden Gem- BARGHEST SERGEANT #1992 and BARGHEST MAJOR #212
39. Hidden Gem- Sup3r and El Capitan
40. Hidden Computer
41. Hidden Gem- Sean McMillan (only after Lucretia My Reflection?) (3 Shards)
42. Hidden Gem- Jacqueline Peele
43. Hidden Gem- Jacob Bernard (3 Shards)
44. Hidden Gem- Julia Young
45. Hidden Gem- Chester Hamilton (2 Shards)
46. Hidden Gem- Andrew Newman (2 Shards)
47. Deep Dive Stash
48. Hidden Gem- Katya (after Gig: Spy in the Jungle) (2 Shards)
49. Hidden Gem- Greg Wilson (after Gig: Roads to Redemption) (2 Shards)
50. Hidden Gem- Awaiting Your Signal (after Firestarter)

So yes, I hope this is of help to anyone looking to explore Dogtown to its fullest! And, if anyone knows of any other points of interest, please post them here!
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