Phone Call FPS Drops

Since the release of phantom liberty I have had an annoying issue with making and answering in game phone calls. As soon as the i pick up or the person on the other end picks up my GPU ussage tanks and FPS lowers. It doesnt matter whether im on the lowest posible settings or the highest my FPS will always lower.

When 2.0 was just released before Phantom Liberty (the 5 day period before Phantom Liberty release) This issue wasn't an issue. Has anyone else had this happen?

Here is a video to try and demonstrate what i mean, If you look at the GPU ussage value you'll see as soon as Vik answers it goes from high 90's to around 80% and my frames will drop however as soon as i hang up the values revert back to normal and frames increase again. Thats happens both on foot and when driving.

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