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Post Your Favourite Thronebreaker Screenshots [Spoilers]

Hey, all. How are ye enjoying Thronebreaker?

As I've played, there've been a few story portraits and scenes I've particularly enjoyed. The illustrations are rather exceptional, and I often find myself admiring the artists' abilities to capture the characters' expressions.

Here are a couple shots I've taken so far:
Hero of Aedirn.jpg

Possibly the funniest encounter in the entire game, for me, mostly on account of the picture. Knickers' eyes are wonderfully mischievous.

Hug 2.jpg

Another endearing episode which made me smile. The look on Meve's face is priceless.


Again, a well-composed portrait. Meve's eyes are remarkably emotive.

Anybody else have favourite screenshots? Please, feel free to share!
Well, can you rename the thread to reflect that it is about TB and not Gwent? (The 'Spoilers' kind of give-away, but still..)
This isn't one of those story screens, but it's one of my favourite parts of the entire game.