PS4 to PS5 disc: Reward clothes DLC preorder won’t upgrade to Tier 1 Legendary Gold, many are not, some are. WTH

The clothes inventory memory still is a mess. Upgraded PS4 to PS5 pre order DLC reward clothes should be automatic, or upgradable, to Tier. 1 Gold in PS5. There is a message saying to upgrade clothes to Epic and Legendary. But CDPR got rid of this system! You cannot! Only one shirt, Gwent, was automatically Gold; the rest rewards are stuck at Blue. Even the new and latest Phantom Liberty Rewards are stuck at Blue!

Why this is not done automatically?

Also evem if you sell or destroy clothes, they remain in your Fashion Wardrobe cache.


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Rarity of clothes doesn't matter anymore, except for few ones ;)
So obviously... upgrading the clothes you got as rewards would be a waste of components anyway. So like you said, as long as you get them once in your inventory, you're able to use them with your wardrobe.
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