[PS5] [BUG] GIG: Playing for Keeps

Doing this for the first time.
Keisuke appears to mistakenly have a "Civilian" identifier, when he should be flagged as a Tyger Claw, since he is one, and has a bounty for one.

Several times now I've killed him, because naturally he pops up with any other Tyger Claws if you get into combat with them.

This is the only thing I can think of as the reason for picking up a warrant and attracting a Wyvern Drone to shoot at me.
I go in through the alley door that way you don't need to go into the front. If you mean the guy behind the bar, then he can be used to get the eye another way so you need to interact with him to use that method.
That's what I ultimately did, just took out two of them.

The main issue is the incorrect NPC flagging. The bartender shouldn't be flagged as a civilian to get the notification that "you're doing something illegal" for attacking him, while at the same time having a bounty.

I think this guy is literally the only one with the problem, probably because of how it was handled. The ones in the shop are probably all set to Civilian by default, while scanning reveals their bounties. And the civilian clears off when they go hostile towards you, except the bartender's doesn't, since killing him is the only time I got a warrant, not for any of the others.
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