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Purchase gwent starter pack ps4 nothing there sony not willing to help

i decided to support the game and purchase the special offer gwent starter pack.
on my ps4 in the psn store online.

The GWENT Starter Pack contains:
- 1x Legendary Card — Choose one of three random Legendary cards to add to your collection!
- 10x Card Kegs — Each contains 5 GWENT cards, one guaranteed to be Rare or better!
- 400x Meteorite Powder — Use it to transmute standard cards into their animated and voiced premium versions!

already paid for the item payment has been taken (can send proof of purchase) and its not in the games menu at all.

tried restarting the game
also tried restore licence and also deleted the game data and downloaded again checked for a update

Sony is not willing to do jack shi* and basically said no refund at all .

they dont really care as they are a shi* company to deal with.
so im out of pocket because of this.

can anyone tell us when this will be fixed and i see the purchase in the start menu.
i like to get the item i have already paid for

thank you
Hi Draconifors

yes checked Shupe's Shop, and also the open goodies

nothing there at all

i have emailed support again and not heard nothing back from them

so sony steals people money.
as they refuse to refund the purchase.
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I've had a very similar issue but with meteorite powder -purchased but never received, and no help from Sony. I'm just hoping customer support at CDPR steps up...
this is what im waiting for customer support at CDPR steps up...

if they dont then we know not to spend any money with this games developer no more.

they have my game id and they can check that the item has been paid for i got the proof

as for sony i would say [Nope] they are abusing the sales of games.
any issues you have they are not willing to help you.

cd projekt red support already said to go back to sony and get a refund.
and they know sony will not refund the purchase.

and sony said nope tuff shi* go away.

come on guys sort this issue out and give us the item we have paid for.
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checked again tonight after they updated the game

my purchase is not showing in the Shupe's Shop at all.

so missing the gwent starter pack still
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So my meteorite powder finally showed up after about a three-day delay (after Sony refused to help and CDPR indicated that they had no record of the transaction on their side). Not sure if this is a server issue or what, but I guess the standard "buyer beware" disclaimer applies.

Interestingly, I've also noticed that, when I first load up the game on my PS4, the Shop remains unavailable for several minutes (slightly greyed out, as if it's been disabled). There definitely seems to be some kind of connection/synchronization issue for me, but I haven't seen any other PS4 players mention it.

Anyway, I hope you get your pack as well...
checked today still nothing at all.
glad to see that you got your item at last.

for sure this has to be a "buyer beware"

as sony will not help

they told me to go back to sony direct and show them the email.
request a refund.

i spoken with three people and they said no refund.

they need to change the policy and tell sony if a product does not work
you must refund the person so long they have not used the item.

hopefully the developers can help us out as they know the id
and can see its not in the store.
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just signed in tonight and there is the missing gwent pack.

its looks like it takes sony 3 days or more to get the item you buy

so buyer be aware

as sony will not help you out very shi** of them.

time to get back playing this good game
glad i bought the starter pack.
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Good news - glad your items showed up too. There definitely seems to be a delay of a few days, especially on bigger-ticket items. (I initially bought a smaller bit of powder as a test and it went through more or less right away.) Anyway, glad it worked out in the end.
for sure there was a delay but people have to be careful as sony will take your money and not help you.
sony needs to change it policy.

thank you have fun playing it