For those who dont know Ranger's Apprentice series, its a fantastic australian saga of books that tells Will story of becoming a Ranger
(a stealth archer who works for the realm). The first book is already about stopping the murderer of the king. And the stories get even better, with monsters, other races, ship battles, a lot of continents, its fantastic.

So, if it was a game, it would be a book adaptation of a deep and rich Medieval world, with a lot of races and continents, Human and Monsters combat, even magic, and also ship battles, and the cherry would be stealth elements...

That sound familiar to me.
And not so hard to do after
The witcher 3.
The characters are carismatic as Geralt, they are deep, and there's even the possibility to play with more than one character (that changes gameplay, like will and halt, archers. Horace, knight. Gilan, bow and sword)

There's a huge fanbase all around the world (im from Brasil, and apologies for any writing mistakes). And we all are waiting for a movie for more than a decade (a lot was already talked and planned, and even pre producted, but never got ready. Last news, it was going to start shooting in 2020 july, but now, again, because coronavirus, we dont know about the future of the movie).

It could be next CDPR book based game jackpot.

So that's it, this thread is a suggestion for CDPR to look into Ranger's Apprentice books and think about doing a game from it. Im sure it would be a huge success.

What do you guys think?​
What do you guys think?

There are so many fantasy series out there. So, the question becomes: "How does this one distinguish itself from all the others?" Or, to put it different: "What makes it special?". Don't answer that, btw. You don't have to convince me. I'm just stating it in general.

It's not just about the source material. Actually, the source material is completely irrelevant. It's only meant for fans or to generate more thereof; thus generating hype. No matter how great the source material, it all lies in how well it can be translated in a game. And for that, you don't actually need a pre-existing book. No, all you need is a good idea and a better execution thereof.

I have seen plenty of fantasy games lately. A lot less that were actually memorable, in one way or another. Even so, I have seen very few fantasy (TV) series. Never mind if any of them were any good. There was GoT and now what? The Witcher, I guess. But not enough to satisfy me.

TL;DR: Fans rejoice, but I am not one of them, so meh. However, making a good TV series out of it, that's interesting. Then again. Any good fantasy series would be, not just this one. And we've come full circle.
I am a fan of the books the ranger's apprentice, but i know that CDPR won't touch this one, why? simple the books are for kids, so far CDPR has built their brand on mature storytelling stories, stories where sex and the worst side of humanity comes out, a children's book that has a coming of age story and that is relatively mild won't fit for the image of the brand (and yes i know that in the books there where times with drug addiction and other such subjects but they were treated with kid gloves), so i do not think that CDPR will use this one for their next project, something vampire-goth they could take, another medieval story they could take, another dystopian type future they could take, a children's book coming of age story, unlikely (I don't say impossible but i see it very unlikely they will take it).

Thanks for your time and for reading.
I am a fan of the books the ranger's apprentice, but i know that CDPR won't touch this one, why? simple the books are for kids, so far CDPR has built their brand on mature storytelling stories [...]

CDPR could technically adapt the story and make it more mature (if turning it in a visual media doesn't already have that effect). Same thing has happened with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though, those were mostly turned into movies. Oh, and the kids from then are grown up now. How old are the books, exactly? *googles* 16 years? Yeah, all grown up now. So, that works too.
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