Rate the avatar above you!

1624612503984.png 06/10 because:
  • the Widowmaker should be more in the center of the image. the focus doesn't need to be on the keyboard. It almost looks like the keyboard is carrying the person, but it should be the other way around.
  • In order to provide a contrast to the purple body, a green or yellow background would make much more sense.
  • Lighting and shadows are a bit weird (Edit: it's not clear from which direction the light is coming from. The keyboard should probably throw a shadow on the upper part of the hair.)
  • I know it's part of her design but the hair could be less dominant / thinner / darker
Edit: 07/10 because you drew it yourself! :beer:
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I rate 9/10.

  • I like the Moon;
  • I like perfectly rounded Moon even more;
  • Love the details and the shapes you used;
  • Thanks for the constructive criticism! :D
  • Only Judy avatars get 10/10. ;P

For the weird lighting of my profile pic, that's due to the HEAVY post-processing I applied to the Blender render to give it a more "drawing like" aesthetic (cause I suck at drawing :ROFLMAO:).
Again, thanks for the criticism: it is really valuable to have another point of view on it!
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