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I played Cyberpunk 2077 the first time it came out, and I recently watched the Edgerunners anime. My question is about the Sandevistan visual effect in the game compared to the artistic vision presented to us in the anime. I didn't play the game that thoroughly to have seen the visual effect of Sandevistan usage by cyberpsychos or MaxTac personnel. I want to refer to the boss fight with Adam Smasher, as I watched it in numerous videos online.
The feature of the 2.0 patch was adding the visual effect of Sandevistan usage to the NPC of Adam Smasher. The effect resembles the artistic representation of slowed time that we can watch in the anime.
Sany does not slow time, but it's how it may be perceived effectively. In anime, we can observe the person using Sandy from two perspectives: 3rd party observer for whom the time flows at the normal pace (outsider's perspective) and the perspective of the person using Sandevistan for whom the time flows at the slower pace (insider's perspective).
In anime, the visual effect is standard from the outsider's perspective: the motion blur as if one watches a fast-moving car or fast hand waving. From the insider's perspective, the artistic effect is novel: one sees the past images of the insider (Sandy's user) in different, gradually changing colors.
I was surprised to see the insider's effect applied to Adam Smasher every time he uses Sandevistan, regardless of V's state. If the game is to be compliant with the anime, it should apply the motion blur if V watches Smasher using Sandevistan in real-time. The novel artistic effect from the anime should only apply when both Smasher and V use Sandevistan at the same time. When time slows down for V, he becomes the insider, as does the viewer in the anime when it uses that effect.
It's nice that CDPR wants to make the game and anime artistically consistent. However, the Studio has put the trademark effect from anime into the game without the proper context.
Please share your opinion on that matter, and let's discuss it.
I didn't play the game that thoroughly to have seen the visual effect of Sandevistan usage by cyberpsychos or MaxTac personnel.
usually they had barely any visual effect at all - enemies who used sandy just teleported from point a to b without any major visual effect... dunno why they made smasher different - maybe because hes a boss and therfor more noticable idk...
I have no problem with it to be honest, it's art at the end of the day, it looks cool, they want Adam Smasher to look more cool after completely flubbing the boss fight prior to 2.1. If it only occurred when both V and Smasher had the Sandevistan activated it would make more sense in reality and in relation to the anime, but I can understand why they wouldn't want to have an effect that possibly half of the players won't even see.

Also it makes Adam Smasher's Sandevistan appear more impressive compared to the base game enemy Sandevistans which are basically a Matrix bullet dodge and an almost instant 5ft movement.
Smasher already has it, it makes him look stronger r in comparison to the other enemies, but maybe, if you beat him or something you can get it???..
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