So you want to stop V...

So, with end game being fighting maxtac (adam smasher is a pushover) I propose maxtac waves get buffed!

Wave 1. Same as normal. Good old vanilla maxtac.

Wave 2. Falcon drones spawn. They can be hacked or shot out of the sky. They do not attack directly. Instead, they follow V, and ensure that police presence can stick with him. Also, they speed up the hacking of V's vehicles. Any vehicle V uses, these drones will assist in disabling. V has 15-20 seconds of drive time before they shut him down. This prevents vehicle user builds.

Wave 3. In addition to the above, Netwatch long range hackers are deployed in addition to falcon drones. They will stay at a distance, and will attempt to hack v from 2 hops away of the falcon drone, consistently stay at least 100 meters away, and attempting to break LOS. If V approaches them, they will use active camo, and sandevistan dash away. They use cyberware malfunction, as well as slow movement moves. Their goal is to lock down sandevistan builds.

Wave 4. In addition to the above, normal cops stop showing up, only robots show up. (to deny katana builds finishers).

Wave 5. In addition to the above, a new enemy is deployed. Robot snipers. Like normal robots, but these baddies are armed with a long range shot that dazes and knocks down. They will shine a sniper light at you, and if your in the sights when they fire? You will be knocked down. This deals with strength based and beserk builds, wasting precious bezerk time.

Wave 6. In addition to the above, An additional mantis is deployed, and both mantis maxtac units get an ICE cyberware component. This counters cyberdeck builds.

What other challenges would you add? Sound out below!
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