Setting to make characters speak in their native language

Hi, I was looking at mods earlier and stumbled upon a mod that makes major and some minor characters speak in their native language (I'm assuming taken from the localized versions of the game)

Change V - Skippy's language - Multilingual NPCs - Fully Lip Synced at Cyberpunk 2077 Nexus - Mods and community (

I thought it would be an awesome thing to try out for my next playthrough to make it fresh, but as it turns out the voice files for 2.0 are encrypted so the modder cannot access them and cannot update the mod for 2.0 content.

Might we be able to get this function as part of the game? Or at least have some way for the modder to access the 2.0 voice lines. I think it'd be a great addition as it makes perfect sense in the setting.
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