Smart assault rifles range.


The Sidewinder having the same range as the smart shotgun is an intended feature or...?

I don't see the point of smart assault rifles if my smart shotgun has the same range, i mean they are supposed to be assault rifle, not SMG.

After seeking, seems like CDPR has recently nerfed assault rifles range, but come on, they overnerfed it.

On top of that smart weapons already have a lot of drawbacks, no muzzle, mediocre damage, slow reload, bullet are also slower to hit than power weapon's bullets, and now assault rifle also have a crap range.

That's a lot of drawback just for an autoaim feature, the worst part is i just wanted to build a themed netrunner/tech V, i usually go with power weapon, i don't even care about autoaim feature.

Check that range, i can't hit the 2 guys behind the woman :
I opened a case asking if if this is a bug. The thing is that not all smart guns have nerfed ranges. The A-228 CHAO has a much longer lock range than the yukimra pistol . Also, it looks like divided we stand needs to be a few steps closer than a non-iconic sidewinder to lock.
I wonder if the range "reduction" concern only the "multy-target" smart weapons ?
"Divided We Stand" and "Prototype Mk V" have a significant range reduction since 1.6, but others (like Skippy, Yinglong) which target a single enemy, don't.
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