Someone wrote a research paper on the cyberpunk franchise for English class and got an A

Repost from LoWSodiumCybepunk reddit. All credits to Adiwantstobattle at reddit who wrote the paper.

Paper itself is IMO worth read and I hope, if there are anyone left here collecting feedback from the game, I think this is great example why some of us think Cyberpunk 2077 is great work of fiction, that happens to be a video game.

Virtual pets, apartments, Wakako's 100 years old dildo V can get, yeah they can all be there, but for som of us the core of the genre has always been portal between fantasy and the real world topics, which is an endless journey itself.

I don't do social media thing besides this but if anyone is able, I sort of wish someone post their congratulations to Adiwantstobattle at Reddit topic, say something like official forums says hi and congrats or something like that, as I find this to be something really awesome!
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