How to "inflame" the revolution!? Give it spice! Cyberpunk is an utopia not a diplopia!

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Cyberpunk is an utopia not a diplopia!
I don't say Cyberpunk is some kind of paradise, I just say, cyberpunk is a world a catalyst in which a struggle looks possible, fighting is still possible. Means, you create your gang your family, you can escape, even with games like Cyberpunk!

In our world you will sedated into a simulation in which and after which you can die "happily", without the need of procreation. Means, all the "scum" can die out, useless class! This isn't difficult, look at the reproduction rate in Europe in wealth countries! You produce outside import consumer and wage duping, slavery 3.0, and guess what, with black people, life has some humor! There is no future no social system that provides anything, perception and with it value or dignity. There is no aspect on human civilization to fight for its survival, it is a cold machine, even in "communism", you are a number and every strive to evoke believing in something than just loyalty is hypocrisy, but loyalty doesn't work in an "unified" centralized world! It will always outperformed though the machine of organisation, survival and participation. The Organisation the corporation is born. In cyberpunk corporations are "small", can play games against each other in which you can be the cleaner fish where you can get your shear and you get entertainment, some brain dance fucks and stuff, why should someone care!?

Cyberpunk is a world in which Information and systems are separated from each other, decentralization exists. With this redistribution from resources and though this by loyalty care, your world, like nomads. The integrity of your skills your health are the assurance of your participation. We will see a world of caste systems, maybe even the company internal system of organized reproduction.

There will be three until four castes:
  • owner
  • researcher - not exchangeable only hierarchy and investment potential selected.
  • order/security - relative exchangeable, some privileges
  • exchangeable scum/"consumes" - total exchangeable, no privileges, eat what you get on the table
In our world we will have renting, every cent of our fundamental and "unconditioned" income will be acquired by renting our daily lives. There won't be any possibility to escape to invest, just to offer your skill, which opportunity you won't have because they will produce geniuses, to participate on the system. If you still have doubts you will be replaced with robotics, no chance to get or climb the ladder.

You will be an animal encased and synthetically hold onto life to consume, to acquire in the competitional game resources, or fund/volume from other competitor of the highest elites. Total surveillance and credit systems will control how often you can take a shit. You can't even form a gang because there aren't any drugs to sell because corporations are selling them legally, they will even sell the hard stuff, you just need to sign some warning, they will think, you just can kill yourself in some capsule why do care. so they need drugs that you consider the life and consumption then death and fuck some holograms. You will be encaged into an AI that predicts your needs and can ensure your Fahrenheit 451, you are a product of Brave New World and 1984.

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