The blackwall hack is too weak.

The blackwall hack is weak. Lame. limited. Mediocre. Unbalanced for its requirements.

Compare the blackwalll with the synapse burnout legendary hack. Heres the various issues....

1. The blackwall can't be used on game bosses like adam smasher. Chain back to back burnouts can.

2. The blackwall takes health and gives nothing back. The burnouts give health back AND extend the duration of overclock.

3. The blackwall spreads less than contagion.

4. The blackwall takes 4 slots as well as all of the unique traits, not to mention a ton of cyberware points.

Quite frankly,t he blackwall is a dissapointment and a disgrace to the netrunning community. An old relic best left unopened.
It's in a really weird spot. It can be great with a low QH investment build but still needs INT for Overclock and the initial uploads are too slow but once that's done, it becomes ridiculous. It would be great to make the initial uploads a bit faster and it does some intense damage over time if it doesn't kill since it's really cost heavy (slots, ram, deck specific, etc).

Just hope they don't nerf other things just to be on the same level instead.
I grabbed a mod to tweak the canto to make it work like the ripper 5.0. More quick hack slots, blackwall hack uploads fast and doesnt eat many hack slots... Its really fun now. Then I got another mod to add blackwall stuff to guns like the malorian. Even more fun.
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