The Witcher: Zeugul Contract | Animated Film

Is this the zeugl contract Geralt hates being reminded of?

Guess that was the one with Vesemir near Tretogor :p

It was really awesome! That gritty mood, graphical style of people faces, it gave me goosebumps :p And great callback with "Elves to the reservation" :D

Loved it :)
I assume there are at least four times Geralt encountered zeugl :D Tretogor with Vesemir (he says specifically that both of them hunted him), Aedd Gynvael alone, Vizima with Siegfried, Yaevinn or Triss and in this beautiful animation above :p


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Thank you as well for the wonderful game! I'm also going to make one more episode.

And thank you all guys, for your splendid feedback! You inspired me to keep up with this project.

Keep us posted for the next episode :)
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