What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

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What do these improvements mean in layman’s terms? Our expert provided an explanation:
Dodge on double-tapping a movement key can be turned off in the Controls settings. The Dodge action can still be performed by double-tapping the Crouch(toggle) action key (default C).
It should now be more feasible to move WASD bindings around the keyboard. There still remain a few bindings that need to be addressed, but these should be fixed in upcoming patches.
” — Wojtek, Tools Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED

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Thank you for the update!
Regarding dodge, wouldn't it be easier to assign a dedicated dodge button so people can assign whatever key they want for it?
They start from so deep than they can go only upper.But u agreed to buy a final version in that state of development?and a one way talk only between beta tester as u are even if u consider yourself as gamers or hackers,totally in the dark about what they ll GIVE to you,or not, and the devellopers ?
are u that unconcious to give money for a game, n get only a preview and maybe some updates,and have to stay tuned of their will to work more,or not to devellop it until u get the final versions...
More than 3 months for this few things which have been done before release if CDPR team at work had any professional consciencious or respect for its clients...
N there so much work to do for xbox one n ps4 clients which game look like a 360 or ps3 version at best.
U re ready to be enslaved to this market industry for years,n make them millionnaire only with tease ,and a big hook to catch you.Just need to hire some flooder in the marketting budget n sponsor some streamer instead of looking for investors n testing team.
good job CDPR ,u ruins the future with the other greedy corrupted show busyness company instead of making fun n entertainment
Super happy to see CDPR is working on improvements!
Performance optimizations are important of course, especially to our poor last gen console brothers and sisters, but these changes I'm way more exited about!
It's still too early and with not enough improvements to joke about it.

I also don't see any reference to acceptable frame rates and pop in for consoles, which is probably the biggest issue (apart from all the design problems).

Since this is the second and last (according to what has been said) BIG patch, I don't think the game will ever improve significantly.
Thank you for the update!
Regarding dodge, wouldn't it be easier to assign a dedicated dodge button so people can assign whatever key they want for it?
Yeah, why the f*** do we need to double hit the crouch key to dodge ? Just let us bind the key we want..
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Anyway.. feels like everything here was already taken care of by modders... police, driving, dodging...
We need real changes, not some walkarounds we can already find on the internet... :(
So, they changed the spawn point from 1 ft to 20 ft? Cop Behavior? What about car chases and running from law? Spawn amount? Can we finally hack police drones?
NPC behavior, any improvements?
Car minimap zoom? Any fixes? Glad the slider exist, so hopefully it will improve driving.
Any Optimization improvements?
All my other questions Arent about this patch, which seems small, but welcome changes. Wish there was more being done in the patch after hearing it was to be a big update. But since its a small one again...

Full Customization so we don't look like murder hobos, but cool as NPCs can.
Customize Cars/ bikes?
NPC day/ night cycle?
NPC Pathing?
Street cred actually doing something for NPC interactions?
All Mods finally working yet? Crit mods, etc.
Cam for photos any improvements?
Finally open all those "locked" doors?
Sit down eat food?
Dating our Romance options? Meredith, I'm looking at you.
Separate Paths for Streetkid, Corpo, Nomad and not just intro?
Apartment upgrades, importance, paying rent, changing apartments?
Wall climbing with Mantis Blades?
The vehicle footage must have been taken from a PC. If it was a PS5 the game would have crashed after 5 feet of driving. I walk EVERYWHERE to avoid crashes on the PS5. You could bounce a quarter off of my calves and glutes, yet my Athletics skill is still only 4...
At last,nice to see who work on this software,n what for.thank (all of) you for this.credit is due,the less u can do n we should had attention when buying this
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