What’s new in Night City? [Patch 1.2 development insight]

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Hmm, interesting. I suppose reserving judgement until the patch detes have been delivered is in order. If I can track down my tinfoil hat, clown suit, indestructable hotpants of invulnerability and clairvoyance, and peer into the future of Cyberland I'd assume these are just a couple mechanical adjustments included alongside performance improvements and critical bug fixing.

One can only hope the full solution to the wanted system isn't an extra delay and increased range for NCPD spawning behavior. Although, the system isn't a highlight of the gameplay so perhaps more pressing matters are the priority.

Having greater ability to get your vehicles unstuck and further customization of the driving mechanics is always a plus. I'd be curious if you can still "borrow" the Behemoth, run over smaller vehicles and hitch a ride on them though. That feature should arguably remain in game for comedic relief.
so, this is it? I hope its more than that cause this is just pathetic, CDPR. Hiding behind comedy won't help you for long. Adding distance to police respawns won't help either. How about making the game playable on base PS4? And maybe finally adding barbers and other BASIC stuff to make it real open-world game rather than just wannabe-open-world-game.

Great job devs! Never lost faith in you and I am ever grateful! :howdy:
Now fix an "actual" walking pace, and let me customise my keyboard keys however I want. Please? :coolstory:

The minute you do I will stop loiter around the streets of Watson-in-lockdown, and actually start playing the story. Nah, just kidding, savouring the game as always and will loiter some more. :giggle:
That can't be all that the patch 1.2 brings.
Quoting CD Projekt themselves:
"and extensive scope of the update mean this unfortunately will not happen — we’ll need some additional time."

This must be like the first thing they got going so far and have finished and ready to deploy, and they will inform us what else will manage to get done by the end of the month. Otherwise I'll lose my mind...
This all looks great! I was especially encouraged by the addition of management for the dodge function. Please do the same for photo mode - I occasionally get overzealous with the joysticks in the middle of a battle and suddenly find myself interrupted by photo mode. Being able to toggle that as needed would be much appreciated.
I see you guys started to wander around Nexus to check the mods. You could get a thing or two from them, you know. Like a lot of things, actually. So many fixes there, and easy to do. Bye
The vehicle footage must have been taken from a PC. If it was a PS5 the game would have crashed after 5 feet of driving. I walk EVERYWHERE to avoid crashes on the PS5. You could bounce a quarter off of my calves and glutes, yet my Athletics skill is still only 4...
Does it really surprise you that they only showed stuff from the PC though? Not like it hasn't happened before... and the result was...

GOG has sent me a discount code for CP 2077, if anyone wants to have it, but I'm not sure if it's bound to my GOG-Acount or not.

I have it for PC, which is still not repaired and XBox One X and my wife doesn't want to play CP 2077.
While the change to NCPD is nice to see, I'm hoping the end goal is to get them in cars. I imagine the bug fixes are a given, I don't see why CDPR would feature bug fixes in their videos.
That was great! I loved that so much. Now you cant go back, this is how you have to present all Night City updates for us.
Thank you for the update! Keep up the hard work.
I just hope writing that script didnt take away too many hours of actualy fixing the game. But sure, it was a nice flavour to regular patch notes.
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