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Pro Ladder Season 3 is now live!

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  • Pro Ladder Season 3 is now live!

    Thank you for participating in the second season of Pro Ladder, and congratulations to everyone who qualified to Season 3! Crown Points for the top 200 players will be distributed shortly.

    New season is now live – good luck, and see you on Pro Ladder!
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    I don't play much pro ladder so I personally don't really care, but what about fixing your game first?! Better wait a few days and release a hotfix, which fixes all the bugs and the biggest balancing issues.
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      I think its a very very bad idea to start new season with all the old bugs.
      Why not fix the game first, then start new season?
      I can't play it now cause nearly every second game crashes or freezes, or some issues after the match, or I cant even start a game.
      Also, problem with some OP cards are not solved.
      Problems with many many dead cards are not solved.