[2.0] So, the cheapest way to get higher-tier crafting components...

So, the cheapest way to get higher-tier crafting components seems to be buying and disassembling clothes. For a price between 800-3500 credits (depending on clothing type), you can get a single epic component. Head/face gear being the most optimal (less than 1000 credits per one).

Of course, looting and disassembling higher-tier guns is still the best thing to do. Definitely better than selling them. I think only buying/disassembling the head/face gear may be cheaper (less than 1000 per component).
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If you go body route and use only melee weapons, gorilla arms or other cyberware, every non-iconic gun is crafting resource.
I've gone that route and swimming in loot and components.
Yes, every gun you do not need and loot is indeed a crafting resource.

With that said, buying epic weapons from vendors just to disassemble them is a bit steep cost. But doing that with clothing is pretty affordable after you get to the point in the game when you have too much money.
I disassemble everything, from all tiers and inventory categories, except I keep one gun at a time and four pieces of clothing that provide a stat bonus.

Haven't had a lack of components at any point. By now I'm finding T5 items for easy T5 components, all over the place.
Yes, disassembling unneeded loot is the primary source of crafting materials. With that said, at some point in the game you will be swimming in money and at that time you may want to see what is the best way to convert excess money to crafting components (instead of wasting money on superficial things like extra cars).

Clothes seem to be the most affordable option for the highest-tier components. And junk for the lowest tier in the early game.

In fact, due to clothes being such a good source of "legendary" components, it is actually more beneficial to sell some of the lower tier weapons (greens, grays...), if you can use that money to buy "legendary" clothes.
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Money is actually more important early game. You want to buy as many extra low tier cyberware pieces as you can, only use loot for components when absolutely necessary early on. Armor is not as impactful as you think, just like the old game you want some but not at the cost of anything else. Those gonks trying to stab you to death don't care about it, melee damage resistance exists for a reason.

The reason you are getting blown up or running into bullet sponges periodically is because the damage curve on weapon tiers is designed to give you difficulty spikes while you are leveling. There's even a mod on nexus addressing that and smoothing out the curve.

I regret not doing this now, not only are there incredibly useful stat combinations that can be rolled on your cyberware, but the value of those rolls are random to an extent, meaning you can roll them in higher or lower amounts. I have holes in my set that I'll probably never get a proper roll on now, it can be rather stingy at times.
It's definitely the most efficient, even against the lower tier legendary rarity guns that are available at vendors (since there are no 5++). Five pieces of legendary clothing vs the one legendary 5 weapon will be cheaper in overall value.
I think that it was a mistake to remove the crafting components from the vendors, and also the required amount for upgrades is too high. That makes upgrading totally useless (at least for me) until I have all the legendary cyberware and decide what to upgrade.
How does this compare to buying junk off junk dealers? There is one somewhere in Kabuki on the top level. Probably near the ripper there.
Also use Auto scrapper mod which scraps all cheap junk (50$ or less) for tier 1 component.
That way you can loot all you want and all cheap stuff gets converted to resource.
Then craft your way up to whatever level you want.
How does this compare to buying junk off junk dealers? There is one somewhere in Kabuki on the top level. Probably near the ripper there.

If I remember, I think they sell a single junk item for 100 or 200 credits (don't remember).
One legendary component is worth 625 common ones, so in junk that is around 62500-130000 for single one. Plus no way to get that many junk for sale.
Now, compared to that, one pair of legendary glasses is around 800 a piece. And one pair of legendary jackets is around 3500. Much more affordable, if you have excess credits and already bought all that matters with credits (like legendary cyberwar).


And yes, I think it is weird that junk dealers do not sell crafting components anymore. For what do you use a real world junkyards? To find old spare parts.
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