3 year old art

3 year old art

hi guys !

i just need to share this event with you guys,
today i found this drawing of my 3 year old daughter, i asked what is this?
she replied its your friend witcher with his daughter ciri. then i realized the detail of the 2 swords, she even draw the places of power.
she said she was very sorry about the hair, she knows its white but she could´t painted on a white paper.guess my love for the game pass to her, so its probably the younger witcher fan around :)

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p.s- and relax when my daughter is watching me playing i just ride horse, boat, gwent, collect herbs and saying that i´m looking for his daughter ciri, i don´t go dismembering things and whoring out :)


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Innocence is so hard to find these days, it shows her love for her dad because she's painting what her dad likes.

Give her a hug from me :)
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