A gameplay idea for the level 60 engineer skill

A Small Problem with a Big Impact​
As things currently stands the EMP blast for fury triggering in level 60 engineer skill is actively ruining my experience in cp2077, It can't help but notice the amount of times I was doing stealth sections with perfection, and then out of nowhere a burst of electricity suddenly emerges out of V's body and explodes a gas tank that was near me resulting in my cover being blown and being forced to go loud. Another example of this mechanic ruining my experience is that when i was doing the phantom liberty main quest I would kill the last enemy then fury activates with the thunder perk and I am unable hear Solomon Reed talk as the lighting and VFX is drowning out the voice lines and I lose some important dialogue.

However. I think there is a simple solution for this problem that won't require even 15 minuets to solve. And that is to add a switch that can be flipped off and on in the skills page in the character tab in the menu that will turn off the electric discharge that occurs when fury is on. Another solution is to turn down the visual intensity of the ability to make it none disruptive to the game.

In conclusion, I think the EMP blast when fury is active is a fine edition to engineer skill tree but it is not for everyone, and personally i think it would be better to give the players the choice to go with or without it.
It's a clever way of making V act the part of a cyberpsycho in a small way, the downsides are a feature. The thing that ruins it for me is the noise and the visual, so much so I went to the trouble of downsizing my cyberware and removing the perk.

Change the sound and visual effects from an emp burst to something else, there are too many emp effects in the new skill tree anyway. Glad to be rid of it for now, was worth sacrificing iconic cyberware.
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