Additional Romancing Quests and what bugs did they bring

Hey Chooms!

I decided to post this as a separate thread because "BUGS AFTER PATCH 2.1" got way to many replies and I'm afraid that some information may just drown in these 10+ pages. I really love the new updates and this Game! And I want them to be polished as much as its possible.

There are several issues I found during my researches, I'd like to light them up here.
In my particular case quests are with Panam. But according to what I've read here and at our Discord - issues are similar with other romancing partners.

So.. what I've found:

Bug / Issue #1
My first date quest was in Glen, after this quest we have this posibility to write a message to our beloved. And this is The Main probs trigger.
After you wrote this "I miss you, lets meet again", and you receive reply, smthn like "I'm busy atm, will write you asap" and we need to wait couple days - several moments appears instantly:
  1. My bed in H10 Apartments becomes unavailable to sleep, I just don't have the button to press.
    I tested it. Even if you are in H10 room at the moment you are writing this message - your "bed button" will become unclickable.
    All other beds are ok.

  2. I'm not available to have a phone call with Panam (and I guess with anyone from romanced character's list)

  3. Panam is just standing and idling at her spot in Aldecaldo's Camp, with 0 possibilities to interact anyhow.
IF after your date you haven't wrote this message: you can sleep at your H10 apt bed. And you can have a call with your beloved character (Panam in my case).

Solution: as I see the best way to solve this issues:
  • do not "disconnect" beloved character from interations after you receive this "I'm busy atm, will write you asap". Logically, character has some stuff to deal with and just don't have free time for a date, BUT can be available to call or interact with at his place, why not.
  • fix the H10 apt bed issue pls.
  • additionally - maybe this is the best time to fix lifelong bug with the bed at Aldecaldo's Camp as well :giggle: (you can sleep there only when you are available to hug Panam)

Bug / Issue #2
My second date quest was in my H10 Apartment, because, obviously, I thought that it will help me to unblock my bed :sneaky: but in parallel of this I've got some new funny bug, not critical, but still worth of some attention:

Johny Silverhand. We can have two copies of Keanu at the same sofa.
To trigger this bug you need to:
  1. Have Iguana at your apartment
  2. Pet Iguana before go to bed with your beloved character - you will summon Johny with guitar.
  3. When you are awake and have these perfect moments with your beloved character :love:, get out of your bed and go sleep again (any amount of time) - when you awake again - you don't have your partner at your bed, quest event is over and you are triggering "regular Johny spawn" when you can talk with him.
  4. Johny triggered by petting Iguana remains and Voila! You have 2 Johnies to take a shot with.
Solution: I guess the simplest way - just disable ability to pet Iguana while dating event is up.

The best way imo would be:
  • modify Iguana interaction while dating event is up with posibility for beloved characters to pet it. I guess they would love to.
  • disable Johny spawn during "petting" the Iguana while dating event is up.

I would like to ask you guys do not spam here much. I might post some stuff additionally, in case I find anything.

Thank you!
Much love.


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Update 1

Bug / Issue #3

Northside Apartment, date with Panam.

I'm not sure about all other localizations, I've located this bug in Russian localization. But it might be a global issue with incorrect audio track and subtitle paste.

Panam lies on V's lap. And his frase for her to "sit up" triggers this bug.
V called Panam as Judy :shrug:
"Judy, let's talk..."

By now located only at Northside Apartment

Update, actually an addition to Bug / Issue #1

As I said IF after your date you haven't wrote a new "I miss you" message: you can sleep at your H10 apt bed. And you can have a call with your beloved character (Panam in my case).

Before 2.1, usually we could wait a few days (2-3) and go to Aldecaldo's Camp to Hug Panam and got our bed ther "unlocked".
I decided to check this moment.

By now it only works half: I can hug Panam and the bed "unlocked" only some strict amount of time. After hugs or just being at Aldecaldo's Camp - Date Quest triggers automatically without writing phone message.

  • Case #1 - I hug Panam. Wait around 30 secs - Dating Quest triggers automatically and blocks Aldecaldo's Camp's bed and my H10 Apartment bed as well.
  • Case #2 - I do not hug Panam, just walking this "around 1 min" in Aldecaldo's Camp - Dating Quest triggers automatically and blocks Aldecaldo's Camp's bed and my H10 Apartment bed as well.
  • Case #3 - I hug/don't hug Panam and run fast to my Camp's bed to sleep while it's still available :ROFLMAO: I'm using bed and sleep! Waking up with Panam by my side. I'm getting off my bed, have some 10-20 seconds.
    Exiting the Tent most likely triggers Dating Quest and Panam just diappearing from the bed before my eyes. In this case there is no Panam in the Camp's Tent and at her regular place near the Saul as well.
    I tried to wait a bit after getting off my bed. Waited around 1-2 mins and exited Camp's Tent - Dating Quest triggers automatically and Panam diappears.
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When Dating Quest triggers, I can choose place for a date.


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An "after Patch 2,11" update!

Found two interesting moments/issues. Actually I think it's the same case with the same consequence but in different situation.

Bug / Issue #4

After dating quest (anywhere) Panam spawns without her outfit in/near her the Aldecaldos Camp Tent, half in the tent mesh when sitting or standing just near it.
Instead of her regular place near Saul.
if After dating quest you started Nocturne Op55N1 quest and choose to ask Panam, she will come for you without her outfit as well.

Issue "works" till the next any scene "reload" with Panam - the outfit will be on it's place.

I've tried several different date places - there was the same result.
And after it I tried Nocturne Op55N1 quest

I haven't tested this issue with any other Panam's quests besides Noc, but I will might do.

Screenshorts are attached.


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