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Aelirenn Sometimes Doesn't Spawn

1 time out of 5 she doesnt pop out even with the 5 elves on the board
can the dev fix it ?
Maybe he counts Smuggler as an elf whlist it's a human... or Milva who looks like a wounded elf ...
Exactly my thought. Milva is not an elf in Gwent. In the earlier times, I had wasted Waylay couple of times thinking Milva was an Elf. Also, I had planned wrongly that Milva will be counted as an elf for Arelline and had misplayed. Waylay and Arelline will teach the lesson that Milva is not an elf.
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Any idea on the board state and situation when this happens to you? I don't think I've ever seen her not come to the party with 5 elves on the board. It's possible it happened and I just forgot though :).
Never had any problems with Aelirenn's ability. But I know that sometimes people get confused by the card arts & in fact, those units are not elves (most common mistakes):
  • Hawker Support (human)
  • Strays of Spalla (human)
  • Hawker Smuggler (human)
  • Milva (human)
  • Braenn (dryad)
  • Pavko Gale (human)
  • Morenn (dryad)
  • Angouleme (human)
Just to be clear: I'm not saying that @rcontu misplayed or misread unit tags - maybe there is some kind of hidden & rare bug with Aelirenn? The best way would be to have a clear info what units were present on the board, but....
But this... this is gold... this made my day :coolstory:
pls dont insult me im lv 15 and have 400 hours of play
RED Points: rrc
Being a rebel firebrand is hard work. Perhaps the old girl decided to take a day off when this particular match happened.
People are trying to help you by determining what could have possibly caused this issue. Your original post doesn't give much information to go on. So, please try not to easily take offense.
I think he meant it as a joke, 400 hours of play is pretty explanatory :D