Well, now that Cyberpunk 2077 has been completed with its Phantom Liberty expansion, I respectfully propose a discussion about the game's soundtrack. With the exception of the theme songs for characters such as Panam, Judy and others, which are really well designed, I think that CDPR made a mistake by not including synthwave/retrowave style songs in the game. There is a flood of very beautiful videos on YouTube channels alluding to the game with songs from these styles. Some calmer, others more agitated, others darker, but all within the synthwave spectrum. In my humble opinion, the atmosphere of Night City and especially V's story adapt extremely well to this musical style. Imagine driving around Night City in your car at dawn listening to Kalax, Lebrock, At-1980, Gunship and The Midnight (imagine listening to a spectacular song like “River of Darkness” overlooking the city). I think CDPR made a mistake on this point. The cyberpunk aesthetic is retro futuristic and synthwave is the style that best fits this universe. If they had included synthwave in the game, I think the game would be even more fascinating. Music, just like in films, helps a lot in terms of "drawing" a landscape and conveying feelings in games.
Sadly this forum seems kind of dead right now, but I agree with you about the soundtrack it's bloody close to perfect. Love how all the radio stations has their own distinct feeling and several songs are really, really good. Have several of them on spotify.
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