An idea how to easily make NG+

as far as I am aware, the major reason why players want NG+ is to "carry progress" from the previous playthrough(s, and don't have to start all over again with the "boring/time-consuming" stuff like crafting, exploring the map, money hunting, etc...

If that's the case, I believe I found a simple way to implement it:
- player keeps all the non-quest items, but they are downgraded to the common level and the very base stats
- player keeps (a portion of) money, all of the vehicles, and maybe stuff like apartments and their decorations (interiors, Nibbles, Scorpion's statue, dreamcatcher,...)
- player keeps the "perk points" (not perks themselves!), but not the level and "attribute points" - meaning, as far as I am aware, they won't have to do side content (at all) (to gain street cred and "perk points"), but as they level up and assign attributes, they could just spend much more perk points they already have; and so have much faster, yet still "controlled/limited/balanced" progression - well, they would one-shot everything, but the need to level up would still be there.
- players could still e.g. use transferred crafting materials to quickly upgrade their weapons (but maybe they would need an appropriate level to use them)
- nothing wouldn't have to be rebalanced
- ...

More to the point "nothing wouldn't have to be rebalanced" - I mean, I get that e.g. some hacks or sniper rifles would probably one-shot everyone (at early levels), or that players could hack everything, etc... but I guess it's fine because that's what players are after; after all, aren't they?

So the point is like - if players want to use OP weapons, assign many perk points, etc... - let them; and if they ever wanted to tune down (for a moment) and/or experiment - let them (e.g. they could reset perk points (the game already allows that), or use low-level weapons or whatever to have some fun)

Thoughts, comments? :)
You can easily do this with mods (Cyberengine tweaks, Edgerunner's Bazaar, and Braindance Protocol) on PC and transfer the save to your console. I believe the cross-save feature was a concession for those wanting a NG+

Make a new character on a PC (you don't have to get very far) just a few seconds in, use those two apps to set your stats, and make a save while signed into your GOG account. I ran the game at the lowest settings on my potato laptop.

I'm having a blast playing with a character with max stats and every perk on my Series X. I got all the achievements months ago, played the game over 400 hours now over 4 playthroughs.

So my advice is just get a copy of the game on PC and get those three mods, then transfer your save. It couldn't be any easier. The mods take like 5 seconds to unzip and drag to the appropriate directory. You don't need to use a mod manager or anything. They just go in the /bin/ directory and come zipped with the file structure intact...

...Instead of pestering CDPR for something they clearly have stated that they are not going to be able to do...

Sorry for being blunt, but they are busy with other important things now (like making Phantom Liberty) I believe.
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To further illiterate my point here's a screenshot directly from the Xbox app with all my stats at 20 and extra perk points.


This cross-platform feature is like the best thing ever. I love it <3
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