Anyone know, on what can I equip THESE mods?


or any other mods with the same icon?
Are those even supposed to be in the game?
Because no weapon, or clothing item will let me equip them, and they're not cyberware mods.
Never seen that mod. I know I have a couple that I've not been able to figure out what they go with. I think it's just either cut content or bugs.
afaik that mod is exclusive to a specific weapon. my guess is you have the ability to keep mods on weapons you salvaged, and received that mod from salvaging it. or you used command consoles to get it, in which case it serves no real purpose.
Haven't seen it yet and I'm level 50 with almost 100 hours. Where did you get it?
My guess is, it can be added to SMART weapons only. Have you tried that?
Could be remnants of the scrapped weapon customization system. I've found barrels that literally do nothing.
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