Why Nerfs Shouldn't Be Needed

Some mild tweaks to items, RNG and gameplay is, of course, inevitable, BUT it should only stem from "does it work properly" not "we changed our mind about this or that".

I can see a war coming between players and CDPR with their (ever increasing) walk backs on various stats, mods, and features that don't break the game for players. Things like:

- reducing weapon mods max from 4 to 2
- Reducing DoT, crits etc for various weapons, quickhacks etc

And confusing decisions such as:

- Mods that can't be shared between weapon types (e.g. no thermal damage for smart SMGs, but for power SMGs?) makes no sense
- Can't remove mods
- Can't upgrade non-iconics
- Can't mod non-iconics

and other things that don't stand up to reason.

Devs will tell you, that THIS or THAT is over powered and thus needs to be changed.

Who's complaining about this? The NPCs?

But the real reason this shouldn't be needed is that the game doesn't properly equip and scale the world according to your level.
It only seems unbalanced because a given stat bonus or mod is not shared across the world.

Let's not forget, we are ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED in fights. And bosses have many 10's times our health and various immunities as well.

I say, if we want mods to fit all weapon types, then when equipping NPCs, also randomize their equipment to include the same things.
If the game did this, then it would never be unbalanced and no build would be OP. Because the game would use AI to equip and scale encounters in such a way that it was fair and balanced.
I think the problem is that the game was never properly finished and in a lot of situations only bare bones systems were in place and CDPR have spent the past three years trying to make something more cohesive out of that and are changing a lot of things on the fly because a true complete overhaul would be economically unjustifiable.

In any case I wouldn't worry too much about this, I doubt the game will be changed very much anymore after the latest patch.
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