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Barnabas the Gnome doesn't quite work

There are 3 dryads, 1 elf and 1 dwarf on the board, played Barnabas, able to choose the first target (picked dwarf), then 3 harmony drayad triggered, then nothing (aka didn't get to boost dryad and elf with barnabas
My guess is harmony trigger stopped barnabas finish his moves
When I use the mentioned card above,
I expect it to boost my on-board dwarf, elf and dryad ally by 2, potentially 6 at max.
But instead it sometimes just boosts only one and ends it when the target selection should be continued.
It's not about remaining time for round nor anything.
I even try boosting them by order, like written in the card: Elf first, dryad second than dwarf third.
But it still ends it early randomly and very frequently in my games like 4/5 matches.
Extremely annoying.
Also have had this issue. Had 2 dryads and Ithlinne on the board. Played Barnabus, boosted a dryad and then that was it. I couldn't select Ithlinne and had to pass.
I played Barnabas and was able to select only 1 unit (i had all 3 on the board). I selected first unit and than animation played out and match was over, like if i had only 1 unit available.
This wasn't the first time bullsh*t like this happened, few days ago i played Lacerate and wasn't able to select a row at all.

This bug is GAME BREAKING and needs to be fixed.
What other units did you have on board? PC, PS4 or Xbox One?

In general, cards that work incorrectly can be reported with the contact link here:




But if you do, it‘s important to tell CDPR support more about what happened during the match, otherwise the issue can‘t be reproduced...
I encountered the same bug and I must admit that I am a bit salty. I just needed one victory to reach rank 0 and I lost because of this bug. I've just reported it as well.
I might be wrong, but the bug seems to occur when you select a unit adjacent to Barnabas.
Given this bug is known since at least the beginning of Crimson Curse, a hotfix would be much appreciated...
Barnabas Beckenbauer is deffinitely bugged, you can't rely on this card all the time. It's very temperamental.
I've lost few games due to him boosting only one card while others are present on board too (dwarf, dryad,elf).
Hopefully CDPR is looking into this.
(PS4 here btw.)
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Sorry i dont know the english name of the card (im playing in german) but the card "Barnabas Beckenbauer" (in german) is bugged sometimes.

yesterday i played a match and i couldnt boost 3 units.

on the battlefield there were at least 1 drarf, 1 dryad and 1 elven-unit. i played barnabad, wanted to click on every unit i wanted to boost but after i clicked on the dwar, barnabas only boosted this one unit. i couldnt boost any other card.

every unit was able to boost, so there were no immunity or something.

best regards
In general, there is a German section too, in case that makes things easier for you:

As for Barnabas: it helps to mention what other cards were on the board, otherwise it‘s going to be difficult to figure out what causes the issue. Should you decide to contact support (contact links can be found in this thread) it would very helpful to provide them with this information.
It has been confirmed by the devs that Barnabas was indeed bugged. But they couldn't reliably reproduce the problem and were still investigating it. Well, it seems they still haven't found the issue or, at least, fixed the problem.