Brief list of performance issues I've experienced since the Next-Gen Update that still need resolving.

Just a brief list of issues that still must be resolved since the next-gen update. (all issues are using the same ultra settings and RT off)
  • Never seen Nvidia reflex have such a huge impact before -20 fps with boost and -10 without.
  • DLSS doesn't make a difference in performance on the same settings compared to dx11.
  • Constant stutters and micro stutters despite reflex being on/off .
  • Game doesn't feel smooth even at 80fps on both dx11 and dx12.
  • CPU (Ryzen 5 3600X) is constantly underutilised at below 60% with GPU (RTX 2060 Super) always above 90% utilisation.
So it is. Really this last "update" was just to bring supposed benefits to those who have RTX4000 VGAs. For you who have RTX2000 or RTX3000..., nothing good has been added. However, even those who own the RTX4000 are reporting problems.
In short: it's a highly problematic update.
CDPR or Nvidia will have to sort this out.
Bad update.
And believe me, the main cause is the terrible implementation of DLSS 3.
I already contacted CDPR support and the indicated solution didn't solve anything (my graphic settings interface says that the DLSS was not found and the video one that the Reflex was not found).
I own an RTX3080Ti and everything was fine.
And everything is set to ultra, RT on psycho, etc.
In addition to the reported problem, my mirror is now completely dark, that is, I can't see the character.
The truth is that two years have passed since its launch and so far CDPR has not resolved the numerous problems with this game.
I no longer have high expectations for this company.
I hope I'm wrong.
But I think it's difficult.
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