[BUG] Addicted to chaos can't be properly completed. Workaround available

If you get nearby the garage the quest autocompletes even if it's not active yet. If you spare Rinder after threatening him the quest instantly activates (which is correct) but again, once you're near the garage it autocompletes again, reactivates (like you've just received it) and prevents you to open it (asks you to input the code 1975 but it doesn't work).
Same if you spare Rinder and tell him to call Regina but with a difference: the quest should activate after he texts you the code, at least in 2.01 it worked like that, now it instantly activates and tells you to go to the garage even if you don't know the code yet.
Beside the difference above same outcome, go nearby the garage, it autocompletes, then activates again and remains stuck to the "input code" step.
See screenshot below. Quest has just reactivated and the code doesn't work.
Also, for some reason, the keypad has two 0 digits instead of a single, larger one (and only the 0 below the 8 works).

EDIT: I've found a way to bypass the locked door. If you have Cyber Engine Tweaks (for PC users only) look at the door and use this command:

msg = function(text) PreventionSystem.ShowMessage(text, 3.0) end TTLO = Game.GetTargetingSystem():GetLookAtObject(Game.GetPlayer(), false, false) if TTLO == nil then PreventionSystem.ShowMessage('LOOK AT THE DOOR FIRST', 3.0) return end D = TTLO:ToString() if D == "Door" then TTLO:OpenDoor() msg('DOOR DETECTED, OPENING! \nIF IT IS STILL CLOSED USE THE COMMAND "FORCE DOOR/FAKE DOOR OPENING"') elseif D == "FakeDoor" then msg('FAKE DOOR DETECTED, USE THE COMMAND\n"FORCE OPEN THE DOOR / FAKE DOOR"') elseif D ~= "Door" and D ~= "FakeDoor" then msg('THIS IS NOT A DOOR') end

The door will open and the quest will properly update to take Rinder's stuff and completes once you take them. Not a fix but at least you won't be softlocked anymore.

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