Found a hidden note in Dogtown - Update

As per the title, I found a note in a moderately hidden location in DT. It has an access code and refers to a "side door."

I can't find a side door nearby. Anyone know if this has any meaning? A search here and on the net didn't find anything.

I won't post any details, if you know, you know ;o)
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It seems that I'm the first to find it then. I've never seen a door code left around unless it was meant to be used though.

Here it is then, outside the big VDB building there are two shipping containers. The far one can be opened to find a "PDA" with a note.
Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot 2023.10.05 -

Perhaps it's just a left-over from a side story that wasn't finished. Perhaps someone else might find something.
The code is too long to be an in-game door code. Interesting nonetheless. Ill check tomorrow.
Did anyone ever find out what this is used for? You can find the same note in the scaffolding about the main entrance to this building as well
Not sure but one option to enter the building in „The Damned“ story quest requires a code - never used that option but It might be the the code in question…?

edit: yeah it seems to be the one:
„The door code is 230598; however, it can also be found by reading a Worker Memo at the top of the front scaffolding. If you prefer to access the side entrance without the code, you can find the other door to the ventilation shaft by climbing the scaffolding to the right of the building's entrance.“
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