[BUGS] Johnny Not Present/Present Issues (Phantom Liberty)

Spoilers, obviously.

Bug 1
Very near the end of Phantom Liberty, if you have made the appropriate decisions, you will be sitting on the rooftop of Misty's Esoterica with Johnny. You have the choice of calling Solomon Reed (to be taken away to get treatment) or not calling Sol and continuing without having the Relic removed.

If you choose not to call Sol, Johnny is very happy, saying "really, you'd do that for me" (or something like that). From that point, Johnny vanishes and you can just stand up and play the game as normal.

However, it is also possible to return to the rooftop and decide to call Sol anyway.

Possibly because I decided to sit down again immediately without leaving the roof, doing the above can cause a glitch.

When I sat down again and picked the option to call Sol, it was obvious that Johnny was meant to be talking to me, but he wasn't there. Specifically, johnny was not visible, I could not hear him and there were no sub-titles for what he was saying. However, there were long pauses where I had no choices and these pauses were clearly timed gaps where Johnny was meant to be speaking to me. Then I would get a choice of what to say that was clearly in context for what Johnny was supposed to have just said but, as I mentioned, he hadn't actually been there or said anything.

Bug 2
Is another very minor glitch, after completing the ending where you kill So Mi and therefore do not get a cure, you find yourself back in your apartment speaking with Johnny. Perhaps depending on where you are standing (I was standing with my back towards the bed looking towards the TV viewing area), it is possible to see two Johnny's. Towards the end of your conversation, Johnny leans against the wall with his back to the window. At that point, the game goes back to "just carry on playing" mode. Ever since the update, this means that Johnny will appear and be sitting on the sofa in your apartment (which is cool). However (again, perhaps because of where I was standing), Johnny was still in my line of sight from our conversation about the consequences of the game ending that I got. The game-ending Johnny did not de-spawn and remained there, leaning against the windowsill, but the sitting-on-the-sofa Johnny materialised, so I had two Johnny's in my field of view. (A glitch in the Matrix?)

When I turned away and then looked back, game-ending Johnny had gone.
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