[BUGS] Sound issues, missing textures, etc.

Noticed a couple of bugs after the updates (certainly not the only ones)

1) [Talent academy] quest is bugged for many people, as I've noticed in my case, stealth music just kept playing after the completion no matter what. Getting into combat just layers one track on another, it also keeps playing in the background if you listen to the radio, nothing can fix this issue for me so far except for loading the previous saved file (tried fast travelling, combat, loading from new saves multiple times, integrity checks in Steam), the only "solution" is to keep the ambient and mission music on 0 which is not the option
2) Generally the sound is bugged after the Phantom liberty update, moreso after the 2.1, combat music wouldn't start at all almost every time you get into combat, no music during the bossfights either
3) If you choose the dialogue option while talking with Judy on the date that "you've spended last night with the President Myers" she wouldn't reply, but it seems like the dialogue is missing since there is the time gap before the dialogue options appear again
4) Hammers are bugged, the handle is missing texture and it's pitchblack
5) You can occasionaly fall through the floor if you hit the destroyed objects (like exploded cars) while dodging with Kerenzikov (happened only ones near the abandoned hotel in Pacifica, where scavs spawn on the road with a few burning vehicles)
6) Some people mentioned that you can't perform a finisher with the katana anymore, haven't tested so far, but it seems that it's a quite common bug after the 2.1

P.S. Sorry if I made something wrong, first time repoting bugs on the forum
The problem with the fact that combat music doesn`t play has not been solved for a long time...

I mentioned this problem on the forum quite often, created a support ticket, sent a lot of saves, as a developer in IRL, gave advice on how to fix it... and. ..Nothing.

Support said that they don`t know when the issue with combat music will be fixed, and in this patch 2.1, combat music began to play even less often, and with the introduction of radio, complete horror occurs when combat music (oh Gods) deigns to turn on, but the Radioport does not turn off

In one word, a big disappointment
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