[BUGS] Various bugs I've encountered on PS5 after 2.1

1st bug, militech Ticon pistol / pariah pistol when swapping weapons in passive stance the pistol jerks up and down very fast. Looks very weird and buggy. Visual bug needs fixing.

2nd bug, militech Ajax rifle, after equipping the gun from the inventory the default iron sights randomly appear out thin air after aiming down the sights. Visual bug needs fixing.

3rd bug, when selecting dialogue options it opens up the skills menu everytime. Reloading helped but it is randomly recurring problem.

4th bug, I only get one finisher when using katana. It's just a boring downward slowmo slash everytime.

5th bug, freedom of the press gig won't complete after a certain person offs himself.

6th, can't complete the black steel in the hours of chaos. Talking to yoko won't complete it.

Please fix these bugs! Thank you. 👍
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