Bulk/Stack Functionality

Bulk Disassembly
I'm a packrat. That works very well until that dreaded moment when I exceed my carry limit.
Compared to other games, I at least have a great mechanism to reduce weight: Disassembly.
However, at this point, I will now have to iterate over my large inventory and explicitly disassemble any item I want scrapped.
It would be a lot less toil were I able to just mark all items I want to scrap (with a simple mouse click or button) and then press the scrap button when I'm ready to do them all in one go. Would also allow me to double-check, which items I am about to destroy, reducing the accident rate.

Disassembling / Selling stacked items
When disassembling or selling stacked items (such as consumables) the experience is quite horrible - I need to use my mouse to select he slider, theneither again move the mouse to hit the button or use the TAB key (which is very awkwardly placed when you used a "Z" before on a German keyboard).
Proposed Solution:
- Bind Mousewheel to count slider
- Rebind "scrap/sell" from "TAB" to "F"
- Add additional keybind for "Scrap/Sell All"
- Allow specifying amount by typing the number

Crafting Ammo in Bulk and with sense
When crafting ammo, could I get a second button to fill up my ammo to its cap?
At this time I need to craft it in single slots, do not see how far I am unto the cap and can keep crafting after maxing my ammo, wasting the materials. Takes too much time, is too inconvenient.
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