Call of Harmony

So I'm a few wins away from finishing the Mahakam Forge mastery, and that just leaves... Call of Harmony. :cry:

Are there any Harmony tag decks that are close to competitive since WotW and the old Leader cards were released? I've not faced anyone playing CoH in months. The last time I played CoH was during the Plus One seasonal (where it was briefly successful for about a day until the Idarrin meta took over).

When I start trying to design a deck, I inevitably end up making minor modifications to either my Precision Strike or Guerilla Tactics deck with a 7 pt leader ability just dumped as the starting move in R3.

I'd welcome any advice. :)


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Im (kinda) the opposite, did CoHarmony Mastery long ago, only missing Mahakam Forge mastery for ST.

Harmony is definitely not top tier at the moment, but i dont think it's as bad as people think. The best lists are probably similar to Harmony from the double WoBrokilon, but with new ST cards from WotW, like cat witchers, gezras, maybe gaetan and also include the elf movement buff guy.

And taking advantage of the fact that if you play an engine with a certain category and most likely gets removed, when you play another of the same category it triggers all Harmony again.
i'm only rank 18 but my CoH deck is my most played and is pretty viable at least for me.
i have a majority of dryad units, but also a bit of everything else (dwarfs, treants, witchers, elves, humans, just one or two of each), especially if it has harmony. half elf, weeping willow, trained hawk and percival not only boost whatever harmony dryads you control but have harmony themselves. because dana is a relict/token and probably the only one of that category in your deck, don't play her first. wait until you played a few harmony cards already so they can get that boost.


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Look at what Habbla released, only a few hours after your post... coincidence? :ohstopit:

He proved my previous statement, that Harmony isnt that bad atm, he wons almost every match in the video including 2-0s. Although to be fair, Habbla is a ST main and Harmony is one of the archetypes he likes the most and is more experienced so doesnt make his typical mistakes...
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