Can't install the game

After downloading Phantom Liberty, the game crashed every time I left character creation. I could load old saves, but I wanted to create a new character so I decided something must be wrong and to clean reinstall (unistalled and erased all folders etc.). However, after the installation reaches 100% it stops and it says my files are corrupted. But these are the files coming down from GOG. I have retried several times.
The Same here.
Using AMD 5600x / 6900XT / Win 11. Before istalling the DLC everything works fine....
I had the same issue, however i didn't remove the corrupted version i re-started PC and then it either downloaded another 20GB of data on it's own or i ran Verify and it downloaded another 20GB can't remember it must be GOG's side. But try it
I managed by doing the reaaally thorough cleaning recommended by CDPR. You have to delete even the cloud.
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