Cant re install...

After deleting the game i cant reinstall it...

I bought the game when it came out, first i played the trial for a few hours, then i bought the digital version. And played it for some time before deleting it.

It did always keep saying 'trail version' in my games lis on xbox series x, but i played it much longer then 10 hours...

Now it doesn't show up in my owned games list, and when i go to the store , i have to buy it again
Did you still have the purchase confirmation email?
Because if the game doesn't appear in the owned games section, unfortunately there is nothing you can really do by your own :(
In this case, I don't think CDPR can help anyway, so I suggest to directly contact Xbox support. If you have the mail, it should be fine.
I contacted xbox support, but they told me to contact CDPR ... but i dont know how to contact them directly ????
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