CDPR, can we please get this full outfit in game

When I first started Phantom Liberty a couple days ago the moment I encountered the Barghest faction I was really into their style of gear and everything. So every moment I spent hunting down Barghest gear to collect with the intention to basically cosplay as them in game. I realized pretty quickly that there wasn’t a lot of their gear available despite them being a major part of the story and DLC, and when I saw this particular gear set I wanted it above every other one. From the basic ski-mask with goggles and headphones to the vest, inner torso and pants the whole set is just so cool looking to me. Sadly I’ve not encountered any part of this specific gear at all in supply drops, in vendors, or through any other loot sources so far. If anyone has, let me know but if not please add it all in CDPR, along with a whole lot more Barghest gear.


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