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I'll start this by saying, for some people, their whole reason for being alive is to be a pointless hater. If that's you, go ahead, nothing that I'm going to say will stop you from being you.

These are some of my ideas that seem insignificant for the base game until you look at the bigger picture.

1) Allow NPCs to make more mistakes. AKA remove the robotic, make it natural. Obviously, this has been increasingly done through the development and the more CDPR get comfortable with letting go of the reigns of control, gameplay situations become more interesting both from the player and viewer perspective. For example. I just had a game crash but it was interesting how and when it happened. A citizen was running across the street and another citizen's car was turning the corner, the car almost hit the pedestrian. If I were the driver the citizen would have run into my vehicle and it would have resulted in an event triggering collision. This inspired a thought, if there was looser control on pedestrians and their relationship to drivers, it would be cool for the NPCs to gain stars and the police attack them like they would for combatants and V. What are the benefits?

Mainly, immersion! It adds to the "living city" element. It's part of the "chaos" that I've been saying should be added to the game. It's the "Holy shit" moments when you're walking or driving around as V and out of nowhere a pedestrian gets hit by a car (by someone OTHER than V or due to V's involvement), or two citizens (like on Jig Jig) get into an argument and shots are fired (why that's a one-off in the game is absurd). Angry violent citizens of Night City should be normal and regularly occuring. Where's the J-walker? Obviously, in every society, people REGULARLY break the rules. These are LITERAL immersive elements that allow our REALITY to be recognized for what it is as reality. (Also, these things don't require much coding AT ALL). Where are the vehicles that run the red lights, or swerve in traffic to annoy more than just V?

2) Spawn points. There are too few of them (City Center, the East bayside of the Glen, etc..). There are WHOLE areas that are beautiful to walk through and look at, but there's nothing for V to do there other than to look or run to when in trouble. One of the things that I think was done MASTERFULLY in Phantom Liberty is the distribution of enemies to interact with. Be it Rats, Barghest, or Junkies, around EVERY corner there is someone doing something that sounds like "Night City activities". Something that I think was awesomely done is how the spawn points for carjacking missions in Japantown are right next to regular spawn points for gangs fighting each other or just congregating in an area. It's allowed for some interesting approaches. For instance, while trying to jack a car, the other Tiger Claws enter into a fight that is unrelated to their current meandering or conflict.

3) when I first started playing 2.0 before getting Phantom Liberty one of my favorite things to do was to instigate cops into an area to fight Tiger Claws when I was at a low level (wounding pedestrians). The use of the environment as a weapon has been VERY VERY entertaining. Something that "really" made the game spicy! This is definitely expanded with the new car quickhacks.

4) At the end of one of the carjacking missions there is a regular citizen around the corner beating up a homeless guy. It's funny but it's useful because there's a car already there to jack rather than usually having to call one of V's vehicles to "get back into the game". It's annoying to drop off a car in the badlands and then have to call a car to get back into the city or run to the nearest fast-travel points.

5) people in Night City are always loners. Even though you see plenty of people sitting together or standing together, you never see people (intentionally) walking in pairs or in groups (like normal people). There is a LOT of opportunity for immersive events, combat, and even missions with situations like that.

Thank you for thinking about it!
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